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Boobam razor C



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Planet Heroes please welcome your zero waste shaving!
With more than 2 billion plastic cartridge razors that are thrown into landfills and oceans every year it is time to save our planet and improve our shave!
With the boobamrazor C you get the most precise and affordable shave without the irritation, the burn and ingrown-hair you get as a result from the cartridge razors.
It’s bamboo handle is biodegradable and designed with a perfect weight and ergonomic shape.
boobamrazor C is perfect for creating an ultra smooth,clean and deep shave.
✔️Smooth and natural bamboo handle for a sleek beautiful look
✔️Precision engineered to achieve the highest quality shave
✔️Packaging is made from compo-stable kraft paper
✔️Free 10 razor blades included with every razor
Unscrew the head and place the double edge blade holes into the head spikes
Caution: When you are changing the blade, please do so with dry hands. Always hold it on the sides of the head away from the sharp edges.

Made in China.






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