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Crispy Kaos

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The alternative use of everyday materials is an opportunity to see the world differently.”

In Crispy Kaos, the weather conditions are just right for the most unusual marriages without compromising neither the origin of each material, nor the finesse of the outcome. This attracts women who look for style and fashion, men who recognize materials they have in their toolbox and children because they find something hidden and something magical! You look at an object you think that will be heavy and it is light like feather when you pick it up , you look to unbutton it and you simply need to pull the magnet. This is the experience, beyond aesthetics, to discover the unexpected!

The whole idea is based on the sarcastic game of changing the use of industrial materials and components and transforming them into original and elegant jewelry and accessories. Cable covers are converted into colorful necklaces, plugs for the wall transformed into earrings, springs and gaskets become minimal rings and bracelets.

Kostis Voulgaris is the one who discovered Crispy Kaos. He had a hunch about it during his fashion studies at Veloudaki in the 90s and later for several years when he worked for the fashion industry. Then, something told him to switch his focus to the other great love he had, the music. He worked as music editor in television.When the crisis hit the TV industry he realized the cause of all this wandering: it was Crispy Kaos all along.


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