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Organic Cotton handkerchief


Sin Plástico


Organic cotton handkerchief

This is the reusable alternative to single-use paper tissues and napkins, perfect for an eco-friendly and plastic-free life. You can use them at your dinner table instead of disposable paper napkins, at picnics, or carry it with you in your bag instead of paper tissues.


  • 100% organic cotton and cotton sewing thread.
  • Fabric made in Spain in an OEKO-TEX standared 100 certified company.
  • Zero-waste: washable and reusable.
  • Soft cotton fabric: perfect for delicate skins.
  • It is the healthy option, both for you and for the planet. No harmful chemicals have been used during its manufacture.
  • It’s economical. By using a handkerchief you will avoid having to buy hundreds of packets of conventional paper tissues and napkins.

How to care:

  • As they are made using organic cotton, they may shrink slightly with the first wash.
  • Before first use, wash cold, then wash 40 ºC.


32×32 cm


Made in Spain


Note: Please specify at the check out which fabric pattern you prefer.






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