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Waycap Dolce Gusto Complete Kit – 2 capsules



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WayCap is a coffee reusable and refillable pod for Dolce Gusto, made in stainless steel with a silicone top and so infinitely rechargeable.
No pollution, great savings and the coffee of your choice!

Packaging is minimal, plastic free and completely recyclable.

The kit contains:

  • 2 Refillable Capsules for Dolce Gusto Machines, made of stainless steel, with a silicone top
  • 2 interchangeable filters for each capsule, made of stainless steel, one for espresso grind and one for fine grinds
  • 1 tamper made of plastic (BPA free), for pressing and putting the right amount of coffee in your capsule
  • 1 support ring, made of plastic (BPA free)

Compatible with Dolce Gusto Machines.

Made In Italy






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