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Wooden spoons, biological coating (10 pcs.)


Wooden spoons, biological coating, Eco-Friendly and Disposable for Home and Catering, Package of 10

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Wooden cutlery has its own visual appearance and is preferred by many people because of its more rustic appearance. It may be used in every ambience and can accompany the closeness with nature at outdoor events. Disposable wooden cutlery is robust and stable and suitable for all kinds of food.

Wooden silverware is a natural product

For our eco-friendly wooden utensils, we solely use wood from certified sustainable forestry as a raw material. Our wooden spoons and forks have a vegan biowax coating that shall improve the mouthfeel because wood tends to be rough and unpleasant to some people.

Wooden flatware is compostable

All of our wooden forks, and spoons are biodegradable. They are produced without additives and the coating is free from plastic.

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