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the Athens zero waste shop

Sustainable living made easy

At Plastikourgeio, the Athens zero waste shop, we believe that sustainable living is easy and are determined to help everyone achieve it. We look for eco-friendly, vegan and plastic-free alternatives for a mindful daily life.

We offer a wide selection of sustainable, zero-waste and plastic-free products. Discover dozens of independent and zero waste brands, offering natural, organic and plastic-free products. And explore our own-made toys and accessories from recycled plastic.

Plastikourgeio is committed to being a zero-waste shop and can offer advice and assistance on minimizing our environmental impact. See what else we do at Plastikourgeio Lab!

New to plastic-free living?

Our ethical starter kits are some of our most popular products, filled with our eco-friendly toiletries, sustainable skincare, natural hair care products and plastic-free home cleaning kits. You can also make your own and a starter kit is a perfect gift! 

FAQs & Answers

Do you have a question? Most likely other people have had the same before. Have a look here, and if you can’t find the answer give us a ring.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes, we accept most credit/debit cards and we use Stripe as our payment gateway.

Can I pay on delivery?

If you are in Athens, yes, you can pay on delivery. An extra charge of 2 euros will apply. From all other areas, I am afraid we cannot accept payments on delivery. If you are unable to pay by debit/credit card, please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

I need to speak with someone.

You can give us a call on +30 698 2124 736 or send us an e-mail to Either way we will be happy to assist.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not currently ship internationally. This is due to the high cost of shipping abroad, but also because we strongly believe that you will be able to find similar ecological products somewhere near you. Shopping locally and supporting small local businesses is one of our values.

Do you sell vegan products?

Yes, we actually only sell vegan products. When researching and purchasing products for our shop, we always make sure they do not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. Especially when it comes to handmade products, we collaborate with small businesses that do not test on animals. Living in harmony with the environment and all creatures on it is one of our values. Please note, however, that not all our products have an official vegan certification.

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