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Our stainless steel products are reusable and can last for ages if you clean them properly. In addition, stainless steel does not leach chemicals and does not interact with the product you are consuming.

Stainless steel is made out of natural elements to start with, and they can be easily recycled into new products when the time comes. Though plastic bottles are often made from recycled materials and can be recycled themselves, both creating and recycling plastic is less friendly to the environment than stainless steel production and recycling.

All of our metal collection can be recycled, even if it’s designed as reusable. Once you’re done with our metal product, whether it’s tomorrow or three years from now, you can easily recycle it to lengthen its life cycle and reduce its impact on our environment.


Just imagine, if a single person were to use a plastic straw every day for the next ten years, there would be 3,650 straws worth of landfill! It is thus imperative you switch to reusable items and recycle plastic items as much as possible.

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