Bathroom Kit

We have prepared a selection of products for you that will help you reduce and even eliminate plastic from your bathroom. Everything you need to start your zero waste body daily care routine is in this box!
Practical and useful items, that also look pretty and make the perfect gift for your beloved ones.




Zero Waste Bathroom Kit

This kit is a step forward to eliminate plastic from your bathroom. All products we have selected for you are handmade in Europe and will replace various plastic items that one normally finds in bathrooms, such as shower gels packed in plastic bottles and sponges made of synthetic fibres.
Plastic packaging and synthetic materials not only harm the environment, but are also harmful to your skin. Why not trying using something more eco-friendly that is also beneficial for your skin?

The kit contains:

  • A cotton sponge for your body
  • A set of 4cotton demake-up pads
  • A deodorant in a glass jar
  • A soap for your hair and body

Everything is handmade and reusable!

This set is proudly made in Greece:
Cotton sponge by Mirena made, made in Athens, Greece
Demake-up pads by Crafter Mama, made in Athens, Greece
Deodorant by Kalliope’s, made in Levkada, Greece
Soap by Bee Bird Soap Shop made in Thessaloniki, Greece


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