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Summer Gift Set

A gift set to remind you everything you love about the Greek summer. It contains a face & body soap and a body salt scrub.
Handmade, vegan, in sustainable packaging.

By Plastikourgeio



Summer Gift Set

Rejuvente your skin and senses with our Summer Gift Set.
The products we have selected for you for you are handmade in PortoRafti and will replace plastic items that one normally finds in bathrooms, such as shower gels packed in plastic bottles.
Plastic packaging and synthetic materials not only harm the environment, but are also harmful to your skin. Why not trying using something more eco-friendly that is also beneficial for your skin?

It’s all natural, vegan and plastic-free!

The set contains:

– A Juicy Watermelon soap: Suitable for face and body, for all skin types. With poppy seeds, aloe vera, red clay and mmastic, lemon & black pepper essential oils.
For more info, see here.

– A Body Salt Scrub: With sea, epsom and Himalayan salts, almond oil and orange, vanilla & clove essential oil, you can use it in the shower for deep exfoliation and in the bath for aromatherapy.
The scrub comes in a glass jar, which you can repurpose after the scrub is finished.
For mmore info, see here.

Brand: Nymfes Cosmetics
Made in Porto Rafti, Greece
Gift set prepared by Plastikourgeio


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