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Lavender Bag – Mustard

Let the sweet scent of lavender relax you and keep moths away with this beautiful handmade lavender bag.

By Synémpe


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Lavender Bag – Mustard

Our lavender bags are handmade and come from the island of Ikaria. They are made of leftover cotton fabrics and contain dried lavender.
We love them for their smell and their versatility.

These are some ways you can use them:
Place them in your wardrobe as natural moth repellents and have nice smelling clothes.
Place one under your pillow, relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.
Have it in your bag and take a couple of deep breaths when you feel tired or stressed.

Care Instructions: When you feel the lavender scent is not as intense anymore,  shake and squeeze the bag.
When, after a few months, this is not enough, just pour a few drops of lavender essential oil on the fabric.

Brand: Synémpe
Made in Ikaria, Greece


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7 x 6 cm approximately