Wax Melts – Orange Pie

Our Orange Pie Wax Melts will fill your home with the warm aroma of freshly baked orange pie.
Handmade, vegan, and completely plastic-free.

By The Soaphouse


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Wax Melts – Orange Pie

Our wax melts are made of rapeseed and coconut vegetable wax and are a natural alternative to paraffin candles. They are friendly to humans, pets and the environment, non-toxic and free of harmful chemical ingredients.

You can safely use them at home in your oil burner, giving a natural smell and a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

The Orange Pie wax melts contain the essential oil of Orange Blossoms and a soft vanilla aroma.

The pack contains 6 wax melts in various white flower designs.

Instructions for Use: Place a wax melt in the dish of your oil burner. Light up a tea light and place it in the designated hole of your oil burner. Enjoy a natural smell in your space.

Brand: The Soaphouse
Made in Athens, Greece


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6gr each wax melt