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Olive Wood Fork & Spoon Set – Simple design

Handmade cooking or serving fork & spoon made in Greece of local olive tree wood.

By Olive Wood


Material: wood

Brand: olive, wood

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Olive Wood Fork & Spoon Set – Simple design

This is a handmade fork and spoon made of olive tree wood. It can be used for cooking or serving.

Olive wood is a beautiful wood with grains of colours from cream through pink to black. Olive trees are cut down only when they cannot be harvested any longer. Most olive wood carvings come from the trimmings, which is an essential process to healthy and proper growth of the trees.


-All the handmade utensils can be normally used and are in fact ideal for food as they are a healthier option compared with other products, for example those ones made of plastic.
-Olive wood being a very dense (92%) and long-lasting wood is a natural and healthy option.
-Each handmade olive wood item is unique and so there way be small variations in color, weight or dimensions among similar items.
-Our products are made from whole pieces of wood and they are never glued or joined together in any way.
-Olive wood is very resilient, practical and more importantly does not absorb odors or substances.
-On the wooden utensils we do not use wood varnish or any other chemicals.
-Our products are made from trees which no longer produce fruit and young trees are planted to replace them.

Cleaning and maintenance instructions:

-Wash the wooden utensils by hand with any dishwashing liquid and a sponge (we do not recommend washing in the dishwasher).
-Wipe them off with a kitchen towel and let them dry.
-Occasionally, or after washing, apply vegetable oil on the items (using a cotton cloth or kitchen paper) to hydrate them, maintain their vivid colors and to bring out the grain of the wood.
-Wipe off the excess oil with a cloth or kitchen paper.
-Avoid long exposure of the items to high temperatures, sunlight or humidity.


Brand: Olive Wood
Made in Greece


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