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Porcelain Cup 350ml – DAVID, the one from the outer space

Porcelain cup with an illustration of DAVID, to start your day with a tea and a smile.
Volume 350ml

By PolonaPolona


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Brand: polonapolona

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Porcelain Cup 350ml – DAVID, the one from the outer space
If you laugh your pants off while drinking morning coffee, your day bodes well.
That is why we draw interpretations of honourable literati, prominent historical figures, fallen heroes and upstanding citizens on best kind of porcelain cups.
We put snarky comments in their mouth, especially the saucy ones that reference their life and times, and we write for them a short biography, because we think it is so important for your coffee buddy to have a good personality.


DAVID, the one from the outer space
snappy dresser with weakness for sparkles,
full facial makeup and eye patches,
has major tom on speed dial,
will take you dancing
if you put your red shoes on,
one day, he will be a king. or a hero.
or a martian.

David says: “the spiders from mars are coming … for tea”

Brand: PolonaPolona
Made in Slovenia


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