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Stainless Steel Shaker Cap Happy Tappi

Stainless steel shaker cap that can can fit any commercial jar with Ø 70 mm.
An ideal summer gift for cocktail lovers.

By Happi Tappi


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Stainless Steel Shaker Cap Happy Tappi

Hack your jar!

One jar – endless possibilities.

Transform your jar into an original shaker with this stainless steel shaker cap! Perfect for preparing delicious cocktails and serving them directly into the glass like a professional bartender. Fill the jar with your ingredients, thighten the cap with the filter, close the lid, shake the jar vigorously and, after removing the lid, pour the cocktail in a glass. It’s easy, right?!
The stainless steel shaker cap is hygienic, it does not retain odours and it does not alter the flavour of drinks. It is also a very durable material.

The lid can fit into any Ø 70 mm jar.

A variety of stainless steel lids are available, which are interchangeable, and therefore offer you a variety of different ways to use the same jar.
These lids fit all regular MASON JARS, QUATTRO STAGIONI®, KILNER® Universal Jars, but also many other commercial jars with Ø 70 mm. They are made of 18/10 stainless steel that is extremely durable, and therefore will last you for a very long time if cared properly.

Minimalist, environmentally friendly, versatile and durable. Let your creativity run wild!

The Happy Tappi concept stems from a desire to create caps suitable to all regular mouth jars, thus transforming them into multi-functional, reusable and customisable containers for your house.
With the Happy Tappi lids you can recycle creatively jars you don’t need anymore, by transforming them into useful containers that can be used infinitely in various rooms of the house.

Care Instructions:
Wash in the dishwasher or by hand.

Please note: If you order this product, you will receive the stainless steel cap without a jar.

Brand: Happy Tappi
Made in Italy


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