Cotton & Bamboo Bath Sponge

This sponge is a reusable, zero-waste alternative to common plastic bath and shower products. Made of cotton and bamboo, you can wash it and reuse it and its softness makes it ideal for the whole family.

By Tabitha Eve


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Cotton & Bamboo Bath Sponge

Most sponges are made of synthetic materials that are harmful for your skin and the environment. You can avoid plastic sponges by using this handmade reusable and washable alternative to the usual bath sponge.

It is made with soft cotton and organic bamboo, and it has a cotton loop for hanging. It is very soft, so it’s perfect for adults, kids and babies.

Care instructions: It is better to hang it and leave it to dry after each use. When you feel it’s ready for a wash, just throw it in the laundry with your regular load and finish by air drying.

Compostable, biodegradable, vegan

Brand: Tabitha Eve
Handmade in Wales



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