Wet & Dry Bag

Handmade wet & dry bag, reusable and waterproof, ideal for a day out at the beach and for travelling.

By Crafter Mama


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Wet & Dry Bag

This handmade bag is ideal for your beach days and swimming activities. It can be used when you are out and about both as a wet bag and as a dry bag, depending on your daily activities. It is waterproof and leak resistant, and it closes with a zipper that will keep liquids from entering or escaping.

You can safely put wet swimsuits and clothes without anything else getting wet. Alternatively you can safely store your keys, mobile phone, book, sunglasses and other personal items when you’re at the beach and you don’t want them to get humid or wet.

It is also very useful as a bag to carry your cosmetics when travelling.

You can even use it for your menstrual accessories or your child’s cloth diapers and dirty clothes.

This product is made of synthetic fabrics, inside and outside, to achieve waterproofness. It is still an eco-friendly item to have, as it is reusable, durable, and you won’t be needing single-use plastic bags to keep all your wet stuff.

Care Instructions:
Simply rinse it or wipe it with a cloth. If it gets too dirty, wash by hand or gentle cycle at the washing machine.

Brand: Crafter Mama
Handmade in Athens, Greece


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22 x 16cm