Cotton Dish Scrubby

The cotton dish scrubby is one of our favourite alternatives to the common plastic sponge for washing dishes. Handmade locally, reusable, available in various colours.

By Mirena made


Material: cotton

Brand: mirena, made

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Cotton Dish Scrubby

Common dish sponges are made of plastic that cannot be recycled and are therefore harmful for the environment. Every time we use a plastic sponge, microplastics fall off down our drains and go straight into the water system.
But using a plastic sponge is also unhygienic, as a lot of bacteria develop in it.

With this dish scrubby that is crocheted entirely of cotton, we put an end to this issue. The dish scrubby can be washed, stay clean and be reused many times.
It is a very handy tool for your zero waste kitchen. Very convenient to use everyday for all types of utensils, it can replace not only your common plastic dish sponge, but also the wire scourer.
It is soft enough not to scratch any material, but also strong enough to remove hard stains.

You can wash it by hand or just pop it in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Make sure you leave it dry between uses and if cared properly, it will last you for a very long time.

Brand: Mirena made
Handmade in Athens, Greece


Additional information

Dish Scrubby Colour

Blue Blend, Jeans Blue, Light Blue, Lilac, Yellow Blend


9cm approximately