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Cotton Dish Sponge – Set of 2

The Cotton Dish Sponge is an eco friendly, plastic-free, reusable alternative to a disposable washing up sponge. Perfect for anyone aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle.

By Tabitha Eve



Cotton Dish Sponge – Set of 2

Cotton Dish Sponges are biodegradable, plastic free and beautiful alternatives to disposable dish sponges.

The usual green plastic sponges release microplastics into the water everytime they are being used. A cotton sponge is an ideal alternative, as it can be put in the washing machine and will last much longer than any plastic sponge.

Also, your sink side will look beautiful!

When your sponge reaches the end of its life in the kitchen, why not use it to clean your car or for those mucky outside jobs you don’t want to use kitchen cloths for? When you’re finally done with it, cut it up and put it in the compost bin. It’s biodegradable and compostable.

Care instructions: It will do best if you rinse it out thoroughly after use and leave it to dry. When you feel it’s ready for a wash just throw it in the laundry with your regular load and finish by air drying.

Brand: Tabitha Eve
Handmade in Wales


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13 x 9cm


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