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Luffa sponge – 20cm

One of the most ecological options that can replace all plastic sponges in your house, luffa sponges come from a plant and are fully biodegradable and compostable.




Luffa sponge – 20cm

Luffa is a natural sponge. It is the fruit of the vine-grown Luffa plant, which belongs to the group of plants that includes cucumbers and pumpkins. We consider it one of the best options for a sponge, as they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Luffa can be used as:
  • A body sponge for exfoliation
  • A kitchen sponge for washing dishes: it is hard enough to remove stubborn stains, but it will not scratch any material
  • For general house cleaning, foe sinks, washbasins, balcony tables etc.

Our luffas come from a small family company and are grown in small fields in Kavala (so no intensive farming).
They are 20cm long and we recommend you to cut it with scissors in the desirable size.
You will receive this product without packaging.
Rinse well after use and preferably hang to dry.

About the brand:
The dream, the passion and the love of two young people for their place, led Anastasia and Christos to cultivate their first field with Luffa in the fertile lands of Amisiana, Kavala. A few months later, the hard work, passion and knowledge of cultivation brought the strongest result, a perfect production that immediately gained space and audience in the Greek market and beyond. Luffa people surround each stage of production with love and care, from the small seed to the final product, always offering its customers the best result.

Made in Kavala, Greece.


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