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Laundry Soap Powder for making Laundry Liquid

Thanks to this traditional old school laundry soap formulation you can reduce waste and mix up 1 litre of laundry liquid for the washing machine at home.
1 sachet = 1L of laundry liquid = 12 loads



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Brand: paos

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Laundry Soap Powder for making Laundry Liquid

Regular washing detergents are sold in plastic containers and they generally contain ingredients such as perfumes, synthetic chemicals, phosphates and/or sulfates that can be harmful to our health. For a healthier lifestyle and one with less waste, we encourage you to use an eco-friendly organic laundry soap that comes plastic-free.

  • This powdered laundry soap is 100% natural.
  • The concentrated formula allows you to mix up your own homemade laundry soap in just a few minutes.
  • Packaged in a paper sachet.
  • Super simple to use, you just have to dilute the contents in 1L of water.
  • Its formula only has 3 ingredients, created by French professional chemists to ensure it’s the most effective laundry soap available.
  • It’s hypoallergenic and kind to your skin.
  • It is effective from 30ºC and is suitable for all fabric types and colours.
  • It doesn’t contain any additives or fillers. It is free from perfumes, preservatives and optical brighteners.
  • It’s vegan and is not tested on animals.

This soap has just 3 ingredients:

  • Soap from Marseille: This soap comes from one of the last remaining soap factories in Marseille where Master Soap Makers use their expertise to do what they do best, make great soap. The soap is still made following the age old tradition of boiling it in a cauldron, using solely plant-based oils, no palm oil and no chemical additives. Certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos Organic standard.
  • Sodium carbonate: Made from chalk and salt, this ingredient increases the pH of the detergent in order to spread out the textile fibres and enable the soap to work effectively on stains. It also disinfects your clothes by neutralising any bacteria present.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: Also derived from chalk and salt, this ingredient softens hard water by neutralising its mineral content so that it doesn’t interfere with the wash.

Instruction for use:
Add the contents of the sachet to an empty container (ideally an empty reused glass bottle with a volume of 1L or more).
Fill the bottle with 1L of hot water (do not fill it right to the top, so you can shake and mix it well, leave a gap of about 4cm).
The hotter the water the quicker the concentrate will dissolve and mix, however be careful not to burn yourself.
Shake for 30 seconds and leave to sit until completely dissolved.
Your laundry liquid is now ready to use.
Add 80ml into the detergent drawer or directly into the drum of the washing machine -> find here a stainless steel measuring cup
This laundry soap works in cold water, but is more effective at 30ºC and more.
The appearance of the detergent may change depending on the air temperature and slowly over time. This is normal, it is 100% natural and its ingredients tend to separate. But don’t worry, just give the bottle a little shake and the mixture will return to normal.

Paper sachet. It’s compostable in industrial compost facilities and it is biodegradable if it ends up in the ocean, however the best option is to put it in the paper recycling.

Brand: PAOS
Made in France


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