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ZEN Soap

Handmade olive oil soap from Meteora, ideal not only for hands, face and body washing, but also for general house cleaning.
Choose white or green, they’re equally amazing.

By ZEN soap


Material: olive oil

Brand: zen, soap

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ZEN Soap

ZEN soap is a traditional product which forms part of our campaign towards a healthier lifestyle free of various chemical substances.
It s a handmade soap, manufactured with love, using the cold process of soap making, a method permitting to all nutrients to remain intact.
It is made totally of Greek olive oil, caustic soda and deionised water. It is a highly moisturising, environmentaly friendly and 100% biodegradable soap.

ZEN soap is available in two types, white and green. White is slightly more moisturising, therefore we recommend it for hand, face and body washing. Green has more cleaning properties, therefore we recommend it for house cleaning.

General directions for use:

Ideal for your body, face and hair: Use it directly either to wet skin or to a sponge. Do not hesitate to apply it directly to your face for deep cleansing. In addition, it is suggested for all hair types, having extraordinary results to hair loss. Moreover, it is ideal for shaving.

As an antiseptic: Clean your wounds and treat skin infecions through washing with ZEN soap. Dilute some soap into water and in order to get more effect, leave on for some minutes before rinsing it.

As a laundry soap: Wash over tough stains on white or coloured clothing. Effective for cleaning stubborn rings around the shirt collar and stained clothing in general. Also ideal as clothes whitener.
You can also add grated ZEN soap directly to the washing machine.
It does not contain allergenic compounds, artificial colours and fragrances, and therefore is recommended for washing clothing of people with allergies or baby clothes.

As a dishwasher: ZEN soap cleans and disinfects the dishes, removing at the same time any smell or food debris. Simply rub your sponge on the soap to make foam and you will be able to remove even the toughest debris, especially when using warm water.

As a floor cleaner: Dilute 2-3 tablespoons of grated soap in a bucket of water with a little bit of vinegar. You can optionally add an essential oil of your taste. For extra disinfection, add tea tree or thyme essential oil.

Ideal for descaling: Mix grated ZEN soap with hot water and white vinegar. Rub over surface and rinse with water.

As a bathroom detergent: Dilute 1-2 tablespoons of grated soap in hot water (approximately 500ml) with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and sponge over bathroom surfaces. Use it for the toilet too.

Great for windows and mirrors: Dilute some soap into water and dampen a cloth within it. Rinse it and then lightly rub windows and mirrors exclusively wth water.

An organic pesticide: Dilute a part of grated soap into 4 parts of water and sprinkle that mix. It is a perfect organic pesticide for vegetable gardens, fruit trees and flower gardens. You may optionally add a small quantity of alcohol.

Brand: ZEN Soap
Handmade in Meteora, Greece



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