Recycled Cotton & Hemp Coffee Filter

The reusable coffee filter is perfect for making coffee waste-free, neither coffee capsules nor disposable filters required.
It is very durable, as it is made with a blend of recycled cotton and hemp. It is also a healthier option.

By Minimall


Material: cotton; hemp

Brand: minimall

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Recycled Cotton & Hemp Coffee Filter

The use of coffee capsules has a significant environmental footprint. Coffee is the second most consumed product in the world, every year 7,000 million capsules are thrown away.
Even now with the coffee capsule companies offering collection points, the recycling rate of these capsules is very low and it consumes energy.
The use of a cafetière is much more ecological, especially when combined with coffee bought in bulk and a reusable filter.


  • Our coffee filter has been made of recycled cotton and hemp, without the need for synthetic fibres.
  • It is washable and durable: you can use it for ages.
  • It is 4 times cheaper to buy coffee in bulk than in coffee capsules.
  • This product can be reused for around 3 months, when used twice a day. It costs you 1 cent per use, which is still cheaper than disposable filters.
  • Available in 2 sizes, in order to best adjust it to your coffee maker.
  • It is the ideal size for using in a filter coffee maker or a pour over set up.


Instructions for use:

  • Wash before first use with cold water.
  • The filter can be washed under the tap, rinsing after every use and allowed to dry thoroughly. Although you can wash it in the washing machine, we recommend washing it by hand with a neutral soap.
  • As the filter is used to make a beverage, it is best to avoid using fabric softeners, detergents and other harsh chemicals.
  • You will know when the filter needs replacing, as you will notice it takes a long time to filter and it overflows with water easily. At the end of its life the old filter can be put in the compost.
  • As the fabric has not been chemically treated with a pre-wash, bleached or dyed, the filter may shrink a little when first washed.


Brand: Minimall
Made in Spain


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