HUSKUP – Rice Husk Cup 400ml – Mother Nature

Huskup, a reusable cup made from rice husk, not plastic. Volume 400ml.

By Huskup


Material: rice husk

Brand: huskup

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HUSKUP – Rice Husk Cup 400ml – Mother Nature
Designed by Ellie Morris, graphic designer & illustrator

We have teamed up with like-minded independent artists to create original & environmentally friendly great looking products. The new Mother Nature Huskups by Ellie Morris make a fresh new addition.

Contemporary and bold, with a nod to the era of peace and love, the new Mother Nature is a brilliant way to help turn the tide of plastic waste. Reuse every time you coffee on the go and make a little difference – they all add up. Beautifully packaged in FSC recyclable card box, Mother Nature will catch the eye as a true gift with purpose and style to help reduce single-use plastic waste. Let’s ditch the single use plastic in style and reuse the resources we have.
Don’t forget you can save money at your local coffee house of choice every time you reuse. If we all do a little bit of good everyday, huge positive impacts can happen

This reusable cup is made of rice husk, the natural bi product of rice production. Normally burnt in the rice harvest, the rice husk is transformed into a cup, preventing tonnes of waste going to landfill.

As the rice husk material is an agricultural waste bi product of rice milling there is a reduced amount of resources required to produce it.
It is common practice that this natural waste product is burnt in the fields after harvest emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide & Sulphur dioxide. Utilising this material prevents smog and air pollution and reduces the impact of the fires to the soil structure.

Rice production is huge, worldwide production is estimated at 500 million tonnes per year, equating to 125million tonnes of rice husk. The vast majority of this production is in Asia, so the abundant renewable resource is naturally available.

Natural starch is used to bind the sustainable rice husk together, so cups contain no melamine and no plastic.

The natural material of the Huskup ultimately at the end of its service is biodegradable tested to EN13432.

  • natural, non toxic material
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave reheat safe
  • BPA free, plastic free
  • melamine free
  • from -30c to 120c


The lid and the sleeve are made of recyclable silicone. The lid has two drinking holes, one in the middle for a straw and one on the side for hot drinks.

Brand: Huskup, based in the UK
Products designed in the UK and made in China


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