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St. John’s Wort Oil 50ml

St. John’s Wort oil is a natural product used from ancient times for its beneficial properties for the skin.

By The Soaphouse

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Material: olive oil

Brand: the, soaphouse

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St. John’s Wort Oil 50ml

St. John’s Wort oil results from the extraction of St. John’s Wort plant in extra virgin olive oil from our own production in Mani, Greece. The plant is harvested at a specific date and time, when, according to literature, its active substance Hypericin is in the highest concentration in its parts. It is then extracted slowly, for 40 days in glass bottles with extra virgin olive oil until it is ready.

Traditionally, St. John’s wort oil is used to heal wounds and burns, to treat eczema, as well as to relieve muscle pain.
It is recommended to be used in the evening or under clothing and not to be exposed to direct sunlight in the area where it is applied, as it can cause photosensitivity.

Ingredients & Packaging:
St. John’s Wort, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E & Rosemary Extract
It comes in an amber glass bottle of 50ml with a dropper.

Brand: The Soaphouse
Made in Greece


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