Reusable Bamboo Ear Cleaner

This bamboo ear cleaner is the zero waste alternative to conventional single-use ear buds, as it is reusable and made to last a lifetime.

By Lamazuna


Material: bamboo

Brand: lamazuna

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Reusable Bamboo Ear Cleaner

This ear cleaner is the healthy and zero waste alternative to single-use cotton buds. It comes from Japan and China, where it is used by the whole population. It is of great value, as it is reusable and if cared for properly it will last you a lifetime.

Unlike cotton earbuds, this ear cleaner prevents the ear canal from becoming blocked.

Instructions for use:
Use once or twice a week to remove visible earwax from the entrance to the ear canal, but do not go further in. For the outer ear, it is enough to wipe it with a tissue. Earwax has its benefits as it protects the eardrum, so it is important to protect it.
You can use the Oriculi to clean children’s ears, but it should be used exclusively by a calm adult. Use your finger to ensure the instrument cannot reach the eardrum if the child makes any sudden movements.

The coloured pearl, also made of bamboo, allows each member of the family to identify their own cleaner.

Brand: Lamazuna


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