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Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is the most natural way to remove dry skin from your feet. It is 100% natural, plastic free and extremely durable.

By Burstenhaus Redecker


Material: stone

Brand: burstenhaus, redecker

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Pumice Stone – Black
By Burstenhaus Redecker

Pumice is a natural product made of volcanic lava.
Proven for thousands of years: pumice stone is the natural way to remove calluses and dry skin from hands and feet.
It should not be used dry, but with a small amount of water.
Since it hardly wears down, a pumice stone will last for many years.

  • natural lava stone
  • diameter: approximately 5 cm, each stone has its own unique shape
  • Hang to dry from the cotton strap


Burstenhaus Redecker is a brand based in Germany
Stone sourced from Turkey


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5cm approximately


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