Massage Brush with Belt for Dry Brushing

A brush for dry body brushing and massage, with belt for easy gripping.

By Burstenhaus Redecker



Massage Brush with Belt for Dry Brushing

Dry brushing or massage is a wonderful way to stimulate the heart, circulatory system and nerves. It is also a way of exfoliating your skin and removing toxins, and your skin will look healthier, softer and more radiant.
Brushes are the ideal tools for massage. This massage brush is made of untreated beechwood and Tampico fibre. It has a cotton belt for easy gripping.

Tips for use: Always start the massage on parts of the body that are the farthest from the heart, on the feet, then the arms. Massage using 3 – 5 strong, slow strokes of the brush towards the heart. In the area of the abdomen, chest, and back use smaller, circular motions in clockwise direction. A pleasant, added cosmetic benefit of such a massage is a gentle peeling. The massage removes dead cells from the surface of the skin.
It is normal for the skin to warm up and redden slightly and a contrast shower after the massage enhances the effect.
Dry brushing while you are too cold or hot is not recommended.

Rinse your brush well after use and hang to dry.

Brand: Burstenhaus Redecker
Made in Germany


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