Reusable Razor X

With more than 2 billion single-use plastic razors thrown into landfills and oceans every year, it is time to save our planet and improve our shave with this reusable version!
The reusable Razor X is an adjustable-gap double edge safety razor, featuring a unique snap-on cap design with an elegant matte chrome or black finish.
The adjustable settings control the blade gap, allowing you to fine-tune the closeness of the shave.

By Boobam


Material: stainless steel

Brand: boobam

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Reusable Razor X 
The reusable Razor X has a minimal and elegant style and it is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to swap common plastic razors with a more sustainable option.
It is an adjustable double-edged razor of German design that gives you a lot of flexibility, so it is ideal for a close and comfortable shaving.
In addition, it comes with an aluminium stand and 10 pieces of platinum blades. Completely plastic-free and reusable, it will last you many years, as you will only have to change the blades from time to time.
Instructions for use:
Experience Level: 0-7 beginner to intermediate user
Cut Safety Level: 7-9 high safety
Use Degree Level: 30-35 degrees
Adjust the gap
This adjustable razor gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want your shave. For instance, if you want a relaxed shave, use it at a low setting 1-2. If you want a closer shave use it at medium 3-4 or 5-6 for extra close. Use 0,5 settings when not in use to hide the blade for safety.
Caution: When you are adjusting the aggressiveness, please do so with dry hands. Always hold it on the sides of the head away from the sharp edges.
Change the blade
Unlike other razors that use a screw to hold the blade in place, this razor uses a clip. This design makes it quick and easy to change the blade.
  1. Pop off the top plate with your thumb.
  2. Load the blade on the razor
  3. Pop the top plate back in place.

Caution: When you are changing the blade, please do so with dry hands. Always hold it on the sides of the head away from the sharp edges.

Brand: Boobam
Made in China


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