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Lavender Soap

A bar of handmade soap for relaxation with the smell and beneficial properties of lavender.
Biodegradable, vegan, plastic-free.

By Synémpe


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Material: olive oil

Brand: synempe

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Lavender Soap

The various lavender species offer its antimicrobial and tranquilising properties. Almond oil provides extra care and hydration.
Suitable for all skin types, for use on face and body.

In order to extend the life of your soap and achieve the scrub effect, please keep the soap dry between uses. For this, you can use a soap dish with holes.

The soap is wrapped in paper. It is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Some more info about our soaps…
Handmade soaps SYNEMPE are produced in the island of Ikaria. Based mainly on olive oil, they are only scented with natural essential oils. They do not contain any preservatives or synthetic fragrances.
Our soaps are produced with the cold process. The oils used do not exceed 30-35 C degrees, thus the final products maintain their nutrients.
The result is natural soaps made with pure ingredients, which offer skin cleanliness and hydration.
With respect and love, we receive what nature generously offers us and we transform it into respect and love towards our own body.

SYNEMPE: From the verb of the Ikarian dialect synempaino: I realise, I am concerned, I see something that has already happened.

olive oil, lavender tea, coconut oil, NAOH, almond oil, lavender essential oil

Brand: Synémpe
Made in Ikaria, Greece


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