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Cloth Pad Large for Heavy Flow

Large reusable cloth pad for heavy flow, a more sustainable solution that offers safety and comfort with less waste.

By Wasteless Design



Cloth Pad Large for Heavy Flow, in various prints

Our cloth pads are handmade in Thessaloniki in a company run by women. They are made with certified organic, hypoallergenic and ecological sustainable materials, offering you a safe and comfortableperiod without the waste.
They are very absorbent and breathable, designed specifically to provide you with safety and comfort in warm climates as they do not cause sweating, itching or unpleasant odors.
They are suitable even for
very sensitive skin.

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Eco-friendly and reusable
  • Made with a unique zero waste pattern cutting technique that eliminates fabric waste
  • Economical, as they will last you minimum 2 years and you won’t have to buy any single-use sanitary towels


Skin contact layers: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Core: bamboo/hemp/organic cotton fleece fabric
Core: organic cotton with certified hypoallergenic TPU, waterproof and breathable
Metal snaps, hypoallergenic and durable

How to use:
After using, place in cold water for 8-24 hours and rinse well.
Wash in the washing machine at 40-60 degrees or by hand.
Air drying only, NOT dryer.
Avoid using fabric softener, because it can reduce absorption.
Do NOT iron.

Brand: Wasteless Design
Handmade in Thessaloniki, Greece


Additional information

Cloth Pad Pattern

Butterflies, Geranium Falls, Paradise Birds, Violet Blooms, Wild Blossoms, Dragonflies


Width when buttoned



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