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Tooth Powder with Cinnamon, Mastic & Salt

Tooth powder with cinnamon, mastic and salt, a natural alternative to conventional toothpastes that come in plastic packaging.
Available in a refillable plastic-free glass jar.

By Kalliope’s


Material: olive oil

Brand: kalliopes

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Tooth Powder with Cinnamon, Mastic & Salt

This is a natural alternative to toothpaste. It is a healthier option for our oral care than conventional toothpastes, which often contain harmful ingredients, as well as microplastics.
It has a dry form, which allows for the omission of various common additives, such as preservatives and gelling agents.
It cleans the teeth effectively, while also respecting the oral microflora’s balance, our natural gum and teeth protecting mechanisms.
The tooth powder is also a more sustainable option. Most toothpastes come in plastic tubes that can’t be recycled, while our tooth powder comes in a reusable and recyclable glass jar.

The minerals:
– Gentle kaolin clay
– Whitening and acid neutralising baking soda
– Antiseptic pure sea salt from Messolonghi

The botanicals:
– Organic Ceylon cinnamon and clove for the protection of gums
– Anti-inflammatory Chios mastic
– Cinnamon Essential Oil

– Zero waste glass jar with a metal lid and a bamboo spoon, reusable and refillable, 40gr
– Refill bag (contains plastic), 90gr

Instructions for use:
Scoop some powder with a clean spoon and sprinkle it over your wet toothbrush. Then, brush teeth as normal.
Do not dip your toothbrush in the jar.
Do not expose the product to humidity.
Use within one year.

Kaolin Clay, Bicarbonate Soda, Messolonghi Pure Sea Salt, Zeolite, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Clove Bud Powder, Chios Mastic Powder, Menthol Crystals, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

The brand:
Kalliope’s is a family-run rural lab and growing micro farm in the mountains of Lefkada island. They share the vision of a cleaner planet and a humanity more wise. They envision a pure, active and conscious life for everybody.

Brand: Kalliope’s
Made in Lefkada, Greece


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Glass Jar 40gr, Refill Pack 90gr