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Cotton Pencil Case – Rainbows

Handmade cotton pencil case for you and your children, to have all drawing equipement organised in one place.
Lightweight and convenient to carry with you when on holidays.

By Synémpe


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Cotton Pencil Case
This handmade pencil case is made of cotton and has 5 pockets for pencils, pens, markers or any writing and drawing tool you wish to carry with you in your bag. All our pencil cases are handmade and unique, and the fabrics look very pretty. Have your equipement well organised in one place, roll up and tie with the cotton cord and the bead. You can also use it to store your crochet hooks or your make up brushes. Note: As this is a handmade item, dimensions may slighlty vary. Pencils NOT included. Brand: Synémpe Handmade in Ikaria, Greece


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